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Company Description

Medical Milestones™ . . . is

    • a clearing house to validate and assess technology;
    • a process oriented business development and commercialization engine for developing emerging products and SMEs;
    • an R&D company servicing industry niche leaders;
    • a “virtual company” member network team of experts with comprehensive skill sets and proven successful experience in their chosen fields.

Our Mission is to identify, assist and develop a portfolio of successful, high technology Life Science companies ready, willing and able to enter the market.

Our Vision is to provide business development resources and processes to leverage the medical expertise and resources of the region in the global market.

Areas of Interest include: (1) medical devices and therapeutics; (2) diagnostics and imaging technologies; (3) medical products, combination products, services and IT; (4) complementary areas such as bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-agriculture, clean tech and water technology.