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Our Approach

Our core competency is the creation of value and the reduction of risk for our clients. We take a hands-on and integrated “systems approach” to strategic planning and provide unbundled consultation services on all aspects of the commercialization process based on strong operational experience.

Our strategy for success typically involves five steps.

Discovery Phase: We are constantly on the look out for new opportunities and as such always “cast a wide net” to see what we might catch. We have a reputation for talking to just about everyone to get a sense of your vision, where you are in the business development and commercialization process, and whether or not we can help. There is no charge for this initial meeting. At the very least these sessions always result in new contacts and some new information for each of us. One never knows when the “pieces to a puzzle” may go together, if not now then maybe later?

Assessment Phase: Assuming we both think there is value in proceeding, we will next propose a formal assessment. There is a small fee for this service. This is a macro level “quick look” at all aspects of our strategic planning and commercialization process as it relates to your project. Our deliverable to you is a written report outlining specific recommendations and key areas to focus on to move your vision closer to reality. At this point you can either choose to move forward without further help from us or we may both choose to move to the Planning Phase.

Planning Phase: Depending on what you need, this step can take on many forms but typically involves the creation of a detailed Strategic Business (Marketing) Plan. This document outlines the “road-map” to bring your vision to life and is crafted with active participation on the part of the client and us. There is a fee for this service.

Implementation Phase: By now we will have assembled a unique Medical Milestones™ team of experts who will help implement every aspect of our plan. Much like the making of a movie, we bring together and then manage (direct) the resources necessary to achieve the best possible result by following the “plan-do-check-action” iteration each step of the way.

Exit Phase: As long as we can continue to add value and reduce risk our goal to have Medical Medical Milestones™ stay actively involved with projects that meet our selection criteria as a stakeholder.

Our primary role has been to facilitate your vision through each of the various “stage-gates” in the overall process to a commercially ready project ending. In so doing we have helped to take much of the risk out of the new business. It is now ready to be sent “up the ladder” for the next round of financing and expansion.